Saturday, March 30, 2013

We're off to meet the Burlesquers, the beautiful burlequers of Eden

My work is the only ground I've ever had to stand on. I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation — but I'm working on the foundation.

Before we knew it, the time for Denver was upon us! We had done all we could with the preperations, practiced till we had nothing left, spent countless hours badazzeling every single pieces of our hand picked costume pieces so that no matter which direction we turned we did nothing but shimmer and sparkle under those lights. After many late nights, countless hours of sleep lost, hair color changes, brusies,countless hot glue burns and a generous sprinke of not so lady like words and phrases we were ready, or as ready as we would ever be. The only thing left to do was to sit back and addmire our work; well that and pack. Once Roxy  Heart, our faitful burlesque vehicle, was loaded with more than crap than two girls should ever be able to go through in a two day period, we were off. 
As amazing oppurtnity as this was for both of us, it was also scary in a way...would Denver like us, what would they think of a duo, would the other performers be as welcoming as we hoped they would be? This was the first show where we didnt perform on our terms, in our territory. It was beging to sink in that we may have been a little over our heads. And I wasnt the only one feeling the stress. 
In our partnership and amzingly close friendship, Ladie P and Danger have developed certian roles which we fill for eachother. We have become eachothers rocks and at different times one steps up to be the rock for the other to cling to when their seas get rough. This was one of those times. 
Ladie P always gets worried before shows because she strives for perfection. Its hard to perfrom for her with less than 50 hours of logged practice time cause she is so passionate about her art and our fans that she wants everything to be perfect. She also has a heart the size of her amazing personality and can at times take things personally and worries about the views of others cause, like everyone, she wants to be loved and accepted. However, in the entertainment industry, not every person is as nice as we would like to think. So this show in Denver took all those normal fears and feelings and multiplied them by a million for her. Even though I shared her fears, I knew it was my time to give her a break and let her lean on me till she found that amazing love and confidence inside her.
And so, with some jumbled feelings, some shakey hands, and pounding hearts, we introduced ourselves to Denver with a Jasmine inspired Abraian nights themed act and our take on pretty little peep show sexy freak show act. We were met with such a wave of love, not only from the beautiful venue and AMAZING performers, but from the beautiful crowd! It was everything we could have ever hoped for and then some! It was beyond beautiful and every ounce of doubt or fear was replaced with such a warmth and love. The best part was that they liked us, they really liked us! So much so that they wanted us to come back for a show in a few months. We also made amazing new friends, met truely beautiful people, and ad a surprise visit from our beauitful former troop member Allure Dala Rosa! Like I have said before, this journey is crazy, scary, eye opening, and full of surpises and I wouldnt have it any other way!! So enjoy our first major step outside of our comfort zone!
xoxoxo <3 Danger



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