Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!!

I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it.


Life can be a crazy minute you are debating weather or not the path you are on is one that you want to continue down, and the next your career takes you in a direction that you never thought would happen. After our last show, our fires fueled with this intense disire to succeed fueled by the fire that had been lite under us from the rush of the crowd, the love and support of our growing fan base, and the base root of everything we love and stand for being validated, we approached everything we did in a different way. We started our Ladie P. an Danger fan page,and the likes just keep adding up, each one a personal victory.
In a profession where not everyone gets it or understands what it is we really do, the fact that our fans support and love us is the most amazing feeling. Support is something that comes in many form from many different people; fans, friends, the burlesque community, and from family. Unfortuantly for myself, my family doesnt fully understand or accept what I do, my art form. To them it is all just a waste of time and a poor use of my body and my talents. So for me personally, every like symbolizes the fact that what I do does have merit, that what I do does have meaning, that at the end of the day I am touching the lives of people across the country, helping women everywhere accept their bodies no matter the size and giving hope and spreding the belief that beauty come in every shape and size.
Our fan page also opened up door for us that we didnt even know were there. We started getting invites to do guest spots in troop across the country, and our first guest spot came in the form of a beautiful Eden in the concrete jungle of Denver, CO. To celebrate this accomlishment and to promot ourselves for this show, we did what we do best...a photo shoot of course! So till Denver!
xoxoxo <3 Danger


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